Our Teachers


Pronouns: She/her

Erin’s interest in teaching and helping children grow goes back further than she can remember. She has been teaching for over 22 years, with the majority of her time focused on preschool. For the last 16 years Erin has been teaching in the Reggio style, and her passion for this approach to teaching motivated her to create her own preschool over eight years ago. Erin feels that the flow of education in the form of “play” speaks to her own style of learning, and has seen this echoed in the educational and emotional growth of children in the classroom.

Continuing education has always been a focus for Erin through her entire teaching career, including studying Early Childhood Education at Western Oregon University. She currently takes continuing education courses in Child Development offered by Opal School, Mentor Graphics, Helen Gordon center and other local Reggio based classes.  Other groups that she enjoys learning from include Multnomah County Childcare Resource and Referral, Mount Hood Community College and Portland Community College and The Swindell’s Center focusing on supporting children with special needs in an inclusive classroom setting.

Healthy eating and staying active are very important to Erin. Her hobbies include gardening, kayaking, Barre3 and hiking, camping, home canning, fermenting and preserving, and volunteering for local groups.


Pronouns: She/her

Danielle has been interested in child care since the age of 13. What started as babysitting quickly turned into nannying, where she would regularly take care of working families, providing care and assistance in chores. This further grew into an interest of childhood education, working at a center, eventually culminating in an educational path encompassing many different subjects.

Danielle graduated in 2020 with a degree in early childhood education from Mount Hood Community College. As a result of her education, Danielle has a love of the Reggio Emilia educational style, and always will strive to give students an open growing environment, encouraging creativity and foundational learning. Education is an exciting field of growth for her, and Danielle looks forward to a lifetime of enthusiastic and loving teaching.

Outside of the classroom, she has a number of hobbies, including foraging seasonal produce, baking and cooking. Jim Henson, David Bowie, and Disney classics are personal inspirations. Puzzling, reading, musicals, and visiting local coffee shops will always be close to her heart.


Pronouns: He/him

Darin has been part of the school from day one. He is a key member of our teaching staff who acts as daily support for teachers and children when needed. As an extra helping hand, Darin is always available when our school is taking on larger projects. He enjoys time with the children, as well as documenting projects through pictures and the daily journal. He is our substitute teacher, handyman, creator of structures and objects in our indoor and outdoor environments and loves taking a hands-on approach to the development and evolution of our school.

Darin graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.S. in Fine Arts, focusing on computer graphics and graphic design. He thrived on his experience so much he stayed for another year and earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts (B.F.A.). Darin has always had a keen eye for design and enjoys technical and structural problem solving. He is a self-taught woodworker, electrician, repairman, tinkerer and loves taking on MacGyver-level projects. Creating something new and original is a challenge he thrives on.

Darin loves spending time with family and friends, working on his (and Erin’s) 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon, keeping up with technology, working projects for the school, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, reading sci-fi and writing electronic music.