Eco-Healthy Childcare Logo

As a Eco-Healthy Child Care Provider certified by the Oregon Environmental Council, we follow all of their guidelines for a safe and environmentally friendly school. The program ensures that schools are as healthy as possible, for both the children and the environment.

Kid holding a plant to be planted in yardThis approach is reflected at our school in many ways, including our use of reclaimed materials for art projects, use of approved cleaners, and how we care for our school environment.

Here are some examples of the Eco-Healthy Child Care program guidelines:

  • non-toxic techniques both inside and outside the facility to prevent and control pests (both insects and weeds)
  • no smoking anywhere on the premises or in sight of children
  • biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products and the least toxic disinfecting products
  • no wall-to-wall carpets
  • rugs are vacuumed daily and cleaned at least twice a year using biodegradable cleaners
  • recycle all paper/cardboard, glass, aluminum and plastic bottles

For more information about the Eco-Healthy Child Care Program click here.

Recycle at Work Logo

All kinds of businesses throughout the Portland metropolitan area are doing their part for our environment by recycling at work. But, during an average year, businesses still send more than 100,000 tons of recyclable paper and containers to our local landfills.

To encourage recycling in our region, Metro has adopted a program called Recycle at Work.

Overlook Collaborative Preschool is Recycle at Work certified by the City of Portland, meaning we follow their important guidelines in reducing our waste and increasing our recycling.

For more information about the Recycle at Work program click here.

Other Ways we are Eco-Friendly
  • continual improvements to the energy efficiency of the school
  • biodegradable soaps, dishwasher detergent and laundry soap
  • environmentally safe cleaners (we only use chlorine bleach when and where required by the state)
  • reusable cloth towels and napkins when possible
  • no disposable plates or utensils
  • Energy Star appliances
  • front loading washer
  • non-toxic art materials
  • disconnected down spouts
  • rain barrel for watering our garden
  • curb-side recycling and composting program
  • 100% renewable energy purchased through PGE’s “Green Source” program
  • LED lighting
  • trim and molding is made from at least 80% recycled wood
  • bamboo flooring
  • energy efficient vinyl windows and window coverings
  • zone heating with programmable thermostats
  • no fertilizer or pesticide used
  • plants are cared for without the use of chemicals