Overlook Collaborative Preschool is a Reggio Emilia inspired, environmentally friendly
preschool located in the Overlook neighborhood of North Portland.

"I Spy..." friends connecting about what we see and what makes us happy! Cars, dinosaurs, animals & more!
How we feel jumping back into school! We're so excited to be back to class. 💕💖❤️
@sesamestreet & @cnn are hosting an amazing town hall meeting for kids and families about racism. It will be on Saturday morning, June 6th, at 7am PST.
Watch on CNN or streaming on cnn.com
With all of the events happening in our world, we wanted to remind everyone of two of our favorite books to read that discuss race, identity and who we are. These books are a great beginning to conversions with children. They are tools that we use to explore these deeper topics.
Preschool in the time of Corona Virus... we're enjoying the sun, sending letters & doing video group chats. Not traditional, but I'm so grateful for this supportive community who love & support each other. ❤️
Found this outside our window this morning. 😍❤️🙏 We all need a little extra love right now! So grateful for our school community!